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MAY 12, 2022

This week the Development team took a trip to the active construction project: Apex at Perry Crossing. While Sila Capital is the developer for Apex, Crestline has partnered with Sila on a project in North Carolina that will draw inspirations from the designs used at Apex: Killian’s Crossing. Humphreys & Partners Architects did the designs for Apex and will execute similar designs for Killian.

Members from Sila’s team were on-site to tour progress at Apex and joined in discussions of concerning Killian. Crestline is working with Sebree Architects for interior design efforts at Killian, and they were able to tour Apex and discuss details as we prepare to move forward. Members of the construction team were available to guide the walk on-site and answer any questions or concerns.

Projects are always collaborative efforts and involve comprehension of other efforts in the industry. Crestline’s vertically integrated structure allows member to pull from the knowledge and expertise from members across the company. The wide array of accessible information helps projects run smooth and allows solutions to address problems. Stay tuned for more updates as our other projects across the country launch this year.


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